A Brush of Wings

By: Karen Kingsbury

To Donald:

Maybe the best thing we ever did as a couple was this past year’s “Fifty-Two Date Nights” adventure! I’ll never forget the waiter at that coffee shop taking our picture and looking at us like we were on a first date. We told him we’d been married twenty-seven years and about our fifty-two dates and he was amazed. He made us promise to come back at the end of the year to show him all fifty-two pictures. And now we’re already on our second year of weekly date nights! Our family is so grown-up now. Sometimes I walk by a young mom sitting with her kids at Starbucks and tears automatically sting my eyes. Not that I’m sad—I’m not. I’m just so grateful to God for every wonderful season we’ve loved each other through. Kelsey and Kyle well into their fourth year of marriage and raising little Hudson, Tyler a graduate changing the world for Jesus, Sean finishing his year with YWAM, and Josh and EJ halfway finished at Liberty University. In a few weeks Austin will graduate and celebrate one last summer here before heading off to Liberty also. People ask, where did the time go? But I don’t have to ask. I already know. The time went to a million beautiful moments with you and our kids, times I will cherish forever. And even still we are making memories—as grandparents and parents! I pray God lets us dance together until the final page. Thank you for being steady and strong and good and kind. Hold my hand and walk with me through the coming seasons—the graduations and grandchildren, the growing up and getting older. All of it’s possible with you by my side. Let’s play and laugh and sing and dance. And together we’ll watch our children take wing. The ride is breathtakingly wondrous. I pray it lasts far into our twilight years. Until then, I’ll enjoy not always knowing where I end and you begin. Can’t wait for our next date night! I love you always and forever.

To Kyle:

Kyle, you are the answer to so many of our prayers, our son-in-love who is forever part of our family, and such a wonderful new daddy!! Because of you, our five boys have someone besides their dad to follow behind. You have set the bar as high as it could be in your daily example of loving Jesus, His word, and our precious daughter and grandson. Somehow you find a way to balance it all. We’re so proud of how your music is changing lives, more so every season. Keep writing and singing for God—He’s got such good plans for you as an artist! We’re also proud of the book you and Kelsey wrote—The Chase—and how it is impacting a generation of young girls everywhere. On top of all that you’re so much fun, Kyle. We love hanging out with you and Kelsey, double dating, and watching you with little Hudson. God is growing your family into world changers for Him. Love you always!

To Kelsey:

My precious daughter, what an amazing year it’s been! You are a mommy now to Hudson—and the most beautiful, wonderful mom ever! You and Kyle are such great parents! So patient and gentle and attentive. So loving. And your book—The Chase—debuted at number 1 on the bestseller list!! I’m so happy for how God is using you and Kyle. Your heart for the youth of this generation is now clear for all to see! On top of that your dreams of acting and designing for Jesus are firmly taking shape. But even still it is your beautiful heart that best defines you. Time and again I point to you and Kyle as proof of God’s faithfulness. Whatever the next seasons in life bring, your dad and I will be here for you and Kyle. We love our tennis dates and together times and dreaming about all that’s ahead. And we love being grandparents to Hudson! But most of all we love being right here, right now in this beautiful moment in time. You’re in my heart always. I love you, Kels.

To Tyler:

You’re already grown up, out on your own, and finding the path God has for you. It’s been one of my life’s greatest gifts, watching you grow up, Ty. Watching you graduate from college last year was a surreal moment, because life really does happen in a blink. It’s so easy to see you as a baby and a little boy—directing those cousin plays—and flash forward to you on a stage as Tony in West Side Story. And every amazing moment in between. You can write and direct, you can act and sing. One day I have no doubt you’ll find a way to do it all, using the power of the visual story to bring hope to a hurting world. I’m so proud of how you continue to show the light of Christ to your peers. Keep letting God’s word be a lamp unto your feet, Ty. He knows the good plans He has for you. And wherever the journey takes you, we’ll be cheering from the front row. I love you always.

To Sean:

You knew you needed something to take you from being a boy to standing tall as a man, and together we prayed and God showed us the answer: YWAM. You still have another few months before you’re ready to go back to Liberty University again, but this much is obvious—God is doing amazing work in your life. We believed this year would be life changing, and so it has. You have moved from being a comfortable spectator in your faith, to knowing deep in your heart that serving and loving God are all that matter. This is part of your story, son. A part we are very excited about and proud of you for choosing. The beautiful thing about this season in life for you is that you are finding the answers. God is meeting you right where you are. Whatever the seasons ahead hold, you’ll be successful for Jesus and with Him. I know that with all my heart. I’m so proud of you, Sean. Keep loving and serving God! Love you so!

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