Bought By The Texas Billionaire

By: Lynn Richards

Lynn Richards


“May I see you in my office a moment, Miss Trent?”

Macy jumped as her boss spoke from the doorway. The man had an annoying habit of not using the intercom. At first she thought it was his way of checking up on her to make sure she was doing her work, but then she realized he rarely came over to her desk. He’d just stand in the doorway staring silently until she retrieved the steno pad from her bottom desk drawer before turning and walking back to his office. Much like he was doing now.

As she entered his office, she closed the door behind her and moved to the chair in front of his desk. It was always the one on the right. She’d tried sitting in the other one, but he’d ordered her not to. Sometimes she pretended to forget just to see him scowl. But not today. Today he seemed to be in a stranger mood than usual and she didn’t want to pull on the tiger’s tail. With her pad flipped open to a clean page and the pen held loosely in her hand, she waited with outward patience for him to begin. Inside, she was the same seething mass of nerves she usually was while working with him one on one this way. At her desk, with him behind the closed door of his office, at least she could breathe normally.

“Do you like working for this company, Miss Trent?”

“Yes.” Although the question startled her, she didn’t hesitate to answer. This was by far the best job she’d ever had. She’d worked since she was sixteen years old. A gas station cashier, a waitress in a diner, and a receptionist at a doctor’s office. While waitressing she’d attended night classes at the local community college to earn her degree. The degree had enabled her to land a job with a well-known physician whose letter of recommendation had been instrumental in helping her secure this job. She was taking online classes even now to finish her four year degree. Mr. Quinn, or Quinn Enterprises, paid the tuition.

“Do you like working for me?”

Now that was a little more difficult to answer. The man appealed to her on so many levels. He was intimidating in his intelligence, but made up for it by being charming, witty, and so damn handsome it should be illegal. He was also arrogant, stubborn, and so demanding it took every ounce of her control not to throw a stapler at his head most days.

“Too difficult of a question to answer? You usually have a reply for everything, Miss Trent.” He cocked his handsome head to one side, eying her intently.

Macy’s cheeks heated up. Maybe her ability to control herself – or at least hide her volatile feelings – wasn’t as great as she thought. But then again, she’d never been the quiet wallflower type.

“Look, Mr. Quinn, if you’re unhappy with my job performance, just tell me.”

“I’m unhappy with you disobeying me.” He straightened in his chair and his voice held a note of steel he usually reserved for reaming out vice-presidents.

“I don’t understand.” Her fingers clenched the pad and pen on her lap. Was he going to fire her? Yes, she was sometimes sarcastic to him but he’d never complained before.

“You are constantly side stepping my orders, Miss Trent.”

“I do not!” She took offense he could even think that. She did everything, and she meant everything he asked her to do. Even if she considered it outside her job description. Like making reservations for his dinner dates or sending flowers to his women when they were no longer the flavor of the month. “I am good at my job, Mr. Quinn. I do everything that’s assigned to me and more. I don’t know what else you’d have me do.”

“I want to teach you how to behave.” His eyes were half closed and the atmosphere in the room shifted. They both knew he was not offering to send her to a seminar on customer service.

She tried not to gape at him like a landed fish. Did he mean what she thought he meant? She never imaged he was a dominant. Not that she knew exactly what that meant. And she certainly never imagined he’d ask her to be his submissive. He had beautiful women coming and going in and out of his life so fast she was surprised he didn’t have a revolving door in his bedroom.

“You want to tie me up and spank me?” She couldn’t control the sarcasm and didn’t even try.

“I definitely want to spank you sometimes Miss Trent.”

The graphic image evoked by his quietly spoken words caused her thighs to clench and she tried not to visibly squirm on the chair. She’d thought of her boss often in those terms, but never in her wildest dreams did she ever think that he ever thought about her. “Would we...where would we, uh, go?”

“Do you have visions of crossbars and chains Miss Trent?” One dark brow quirked as he stared at her, a half smile tilting one side of his sensuous lips. “I can assure you that my bedroom contains nothing more than a comfortable chair, a dressing table and, of course, a king size bed.

Of course.

“It may be a little sparse for most people’s taste, I’ll admit.” He leaned back, utterly relaxed. “Submission and domination is not about inflicting pain. To me it is about control.”

“I know.” Macy snorted indelicately. “Men want to control women, especially when they’re having sex.” She couldn’t believe she could sit here with her boss and talk about the subject of sex as casually as if they were discussing the weather.