Marked. Part I: The missing Link

By: J.M.Sevilla

I hang my head down in shame, cradling it into my hands. My friends have every right to be concerned. Had it been the other way around I would be furious at the guy. I should be furious at him for myself.

I don't even recognize myself anymore. I'm so far removed from the girl I used to be. I can't say for sure when the transformation occurred. It was a slow process, one Will had molded over the two years we were together. He was the most amazing, perfect boyfriend in the beginning. He was smart, clever, funny, romantic, all the things one looks for in a partner, so when he started making suggestions to me about what I wore, how I acted, who I spent my time with, I listened; I trusted his advice. It was only a few months into our relationship that he started to become bossy, controlling, and smothering, but I had always found some excuse as to why it was okay.

I groan into my hands. What is wrong with me that I would allow this to happen?

“Hey,” a man's voice spoke a few feet in front of me. I lift my head up to find three men peering at me with hooded eyes and sinister smiles.

Adrenaline starts pumping and my body's flight mode kicks in. I reach for the door knob next to me, only to find it locked.


They smile more wickedly at me and step closer.

“My boyfriend's waiting for me around the corner. I hate when he smokes so I'm waiting here for him to finish.”

“Bullshit,” one of them smiles and every instinct in my body tells me to flee.

So I do.

I run to the main street and veer left, knowing the entrance of the bar is around the corner.

To my delight I hear no feet following behind me, and just as I'm about to turn the corner to the safety of the main street I run face first into the chest of a man.

“Where do you think you're going?” The man easily lifts my hundred and ten pound body. I try fighting against him but I'm too weak; my small frame and tiny bones are no match for this guy. I do the only thing I can think of and scream. I scream from the center of my core and give it everything I have.

He clasps his hand over my mouth and I bite down. Hard. He pulls it away and slaps me. My eyes fill up and my cheek feels like it's on fire.

He holds my arms tightly to my sides but low enough that I can reach for his dick and twist the shit out of it. I drop to the ground as he cries out in pain. I start running when I realize the three men from the alley are waiting for me. I have nowhere to go. My eyes scan everywhere around me but the only place to go is across the street, where the lights are out and it's pitch black.

Panic is clawing at my throat. All I can hear is my heavy breathing and the pounding in my chest.

The man I hurt quickly recovers and lunges for me. I flee across the street at the same time a car rips around the corner, almost hitting me; it would have if my waist had not been taken over. I'm being carried back onto the curb. For a split second I feel relief until I see the man holding me is one of the four I'm trying to escape. I try to scream but another man's hand stuffs a cloth in my mouth and holds it in place. Tears start to blur my vision and I squirm my body around as best as I can. Another pair of strong hands grab hold of my calves and then shove me into a car.

I'm laying across two of them, butt in the middle seat, and they have me pinned down. I've never moved my body so hard in my life. I know the odds are against me, but I'm not going to let up until they are done with me.

I hear the engine of the car purr to life and I flip out, trying to scream through the cloth and thrash as hard as I can. This makes them laugh gleefully and a hand trails up my leg, cupping my sex, rubbing it with his fingers. Another hand slides down my shirt, under my bra, and starts playing with my breasts. They all start talking about all the fun and dirty things they want to do to me.

I have never been more terrified in my life when one of them describes in horrid detail what they are going to do. I throw up and start choking on my vomit. The man cupping my breasts sits me up and lets me choke on it without suffocating myself.

“We're not into fucking dead girls,” they all laugh at this remark. I slam my head back and triumphantly smack my skull against the jaw of the man behind me.

“Fuck you, you little cunt! Take her pants off, I want to teach her a lesson.”

“Let me drive off first. Once we're back at our place you can have her first.”

“Fuck that, she needs to be taught now! When we get there I'll teach it to her again, but that time I won't go easy on her.”

“Fine, but make it quick.”

The man pinning my legs repositions so he's over me and by doing so my legs are free. I kick with a power and strength I don't know I possess. The glass window shatters and the man on top flies off me and out the window. Damn, I'm good!

“What the fuck!?” They all yell, and that's when I realize the glass shattering wasn't done by me but another man.

The door opens and I'm airborne and brought to the sidewalk.

The other three men bustle out of the car with knives and brass knuckles in hand.

My neighbor's standing in front of me, protecting me with his body like a shield. My eyes flick to the man lying in a bloody mess next to me, and I'm fairly certain he isn't breathing.

“If you think you can protect her, you're a fucking idiot. You may be a monster of a fellow, but there's three of us and we have these.” They flash their weapons.