By: Megan Hart

He came right away. I wasn't even ashamed that I hadn't even doubted he would. It was simply something I knew I could ask, and he would give.

The lobby doors parted and he walked through. The air disappeared around me. I opened my mouth to speak, to breathe, and could do neither.

I loved him.

I hadn't known it, or wouldn't admit it, but now I couldn't do anything but feel it. Love was like a punch in the gut, but I didn't double over. The world tipped up again, the floor a rocking, rolling platform that had decided to throw me off it. I didn't fall because he was there to catch me. The smell of him blocked out the scents of bad coffee and exhaustion and bad news. I breathed, and he filled me.

It was Austin.

Chapter 34

Of course, like an idiot, I didn't tell him I loved him. I let him drive me home and I took him upstairs, where he hesitated in the doorway until I pulled him close and shut the door behind us. When my mouth found his, he sighed and his arms went around me as tight as I liked it.

We'd never been shy about fucking on the floor, a table, the couch. Against a wall. But this time I took his hand and led him to my bedroom, where I pushed him gently until he lay on the bed and I crawled up over him to kiss his mouth and face. Straddling him, I rocked against his denim-covered crotch until his cock swelled inside his jeans, and then I slid my body down until I could kiss him there.

My lips left a wet mark, and through the thick material I could feel his hardness. I pushed my hands under his ass to lift him closer to my mouth as I rubbed my face on his thigh. I unbuckled his belt and pulled down the jeans and his boxers. I took him in my mouth, and he made a sound like coming home.

I let the smell and taste of him fill me up the way it always had, and I stopped trying to pretend it wasn't anything more than this. My hands found the weight of his balls, the length of his cock. My mouth sucked, fingers stroked, lips and teeth and tongue moved along him all the ways I knew he liked it best.

He was moaning in minutes, his hips thrusting upward. I took it all, his cock down my throat as far as I could, and when he came, I took all that, too. He fell back, panting, onto the pillows, and I crawled up him again to kiss his mouth. Then I tucked myself up next to him in the place that had always been mine.

He was quiet for a while, and I didn't want to talk. The rise and fall of our breathing timed itself to each other. I put a hand on his chest to feel the thump of his heart. Austin put his hand over mine, and our fingers linked.

I fell asleep that way and woke to light outside my window and a soft stroking between my legs. I didn't open my eyes. If it was a dream, and it might have been, since the entire night felt so unreal, I didn't want to wake. The stroking hit me just right through the soft material of my pajama bottoms and panties. I shifted, just enough, and Austin paused to pull the fabric over my hips and thighs.

The bed dipped when he settled back between my legs. At the first puff of his breath I let out a sigh. When his lips brushed my already erect clitoris, I put a hand over my mouth to hide my smile, and when he sucked gently on me, I bit down hard on my skin to keep in the groan.

Austin ate my pussy like it was his last meal on earth, and I gave up to the pleasure without hesitation. Aside from murmured yes or two, I gave him no instructions. I didn't have to. He didn't need me to guide him, because he already knew how to do everything I liked.

I came softly, a slow and subtle rippling of my cunt under his tongue rather than a full-out blast of climax ripping me apart. It was good that way. Smooth.

He moved up my body and looked into my eyes as he slid inside me. So wet he had no resistance, I couldn't hold back my cry of delight when Austin's cock filled me. He gathered me close. His every thrust rubbed my clit and I wrapped my legs tight around him to keep him close enough to bring me off again. We came within seconds of each other, me without words and Austin shouting my name in a passion-strangled voice.

He rolled off me, and I didn't jump out of bed to get in the shower, or even to grab a cloth from my nightstand. Boneless, sated, I didn't want to move. Fragile, too, because I couldn't look at him. I was afraid of what I might see in his face.

It was probably too late for us, and love really didn't conquer everything. We'd tried to be together and hadn't made it work. It hadn't hurt for years, but that didn't mean I didn't remember how much it had.

"I'll drive you to work if you want. Pick you up after. We can swing by and get Arty and go visit your mom. Get your car."

I studied my ceiling as Austin's warmth trickled down my thighs. "You don't have to do that."

"I know that."

I turned my head to look at him. "What about work for you?"

He yawned and stretched. "That's the benefit of being the boss."

I sat. "Since when are you the boss?"

"Since I bought the business," Austin said with a strange look. "What's the big deal?"

"You just never told me, that's all."

"Paige," Austin said. "You never asked."

This changed things, and I didn't know why. I got out of bed and stripped out of my pajamas, tossed them in the hamper and got into the shower, where I contemplated my stubbled knees and underarms and thought about the ways life could sneak up on a person.