Indecent Experiment

By: Megan Hart

He looked at her. “So…what do you think’s going to happen here?”

“I don’t know,” Melissa said. “I guess we’ll have to wait and see.”

Well, she wasn’t blond. Not blue eyed. And she definitely didn’t have a D-size rack, not even a single D. Her hands had been small and soft, though her grip was firm and strong when she shook hands and sweeter, more relaxed later, after they’d spent the four hours talking.

Actually, it wasn’t a bad first “date,” Matt thought as he showered and shaved, brushed his teeth and picked out clothes for the next night’s session. He’d been on worse, and even though Melissa might not’ve turned his head at the bar, spending those four hours with her had been pretty nice.

He was looking forward to tonight, if for no other reason than it meant he had a reason to blow off Damian and the other bros, who were all hanging out at the frat house with the underclassmen. They were having something called a “poker party” with one of the sororities, where everyone was given half a playing card, and the goal of the night was to find the person with the other half of your card, then spend the rest of the night hooking up. Matt wasn’t really interested in spending the night trying to get into the pants of some sophomore or junior…or worse, a freshman.

Anyway, tonight on the list was holding hands, with the addition of hugging. Matt had no idea how this was going to go, but he was up for it. It beat the hell out of some other ways he’d spent his nights lately, namely up to his ass in unpaid bills or in schoolwork.

She smelled good. Like, really good. He noticed that right away as soon as they both got in the room and Melissa stepped up to him without any more than a second’s hesitation. She fit right up against him, too, her breasts pressing against his chest in a way that meant he had absolutely no issue with the fact she was less than a DD.

Too soon, she’d stepped away with a nervous little laugh. “Hey.”

“Hey.” On impulse, he snaked an arm out to grab her around the waist to pull her in for another hug. That’s what they were there for, after all.

Melissa let him hold her close. They lingered that way for a moment, before she pulled away. “How’re you?”

“Good. Good. You?” He wasn’t sure where they were supposed to go from here, since you couldn’t really keep up a four-hour hug. Then again, he hadn’t thought he’d be able to maintain holding hands for the full time, either, and they’d managed that with only a little awkwardness.

“Great.” She grinned and took his hand to lead him to the couch, where she settled in at once, one leg curled beneath her as her fingers curled lightly around his. She didn’t let him go, either, but kept his hand. “I got a call from my future boss. They actually want me to start a month earlier. I was going to take some time off, but now I’ll be able to go right into work after I graduate. It’s going to be awesome.”

“Yeah? What are you going to do?”

“I’m going straight into a paid internship with Triple Smith and Brown. It’s an accounting firm,” she said, like he might not’ve heard of the biggest accounting firm in three states. “And after that, it’s pretty much guaranteed to lead me right into a full-time job. Which is great.”

“Yeah. Lucky you.” Matt twisted his fingers in hers, noting again how soft her hands were. He had nothing like that lined up, which sucked. He had a few leads on some engineering jobs, but so far nothing had opened up. “But don’t you want to take some time off before school?”

She shrugged. “No. Then again, I’d only planned on setting up my apartment and stuff like that. It’s no week in Cancun.”

“Right.” He thought about spending the week with sand, sun, babes and booze, just like Damian said. That’s what he was here for, to get the money for the trip.

“So. Hugging.” Melissa gave him a grin. “Not so bad. And I’m not sure why, but it felt easier than the hand-holding did at first. You?”

“Yeah. It did.” It helped that she’d been the one to make the first move. “Should we do it again?”

“We’re supposed to,” she said. “I guess so. I don’t know how many hugs we’re supposed to have in four hours.”

“I’d guess a lot.” Matt laughed, already leaning in. “We’d better get to it.”

They talked as they hugged, pressing their bodies close. They experimented. Standing. Sitting. They tried reverse hugs as they chatted, which might’ve been stretching the definition, but with Melissa’s back pressed up against his front, leaning against him as he stretched out on the couch, it felt okay. They both figured the purpose was having as much body contact as possible.

They hugged. They talked. And talked, and talked. Without the pressure of trying to get laid—that wouldn’t come until the end of the experiment. If then. Only two days into it, Matt knew he wouldn’t turn it down if the chance came up, but he wasn’t going to expect the same from Melissa.

“I can’t believe it’s ten o’clock already.” Melissa said this with her cheek pressed to his chest, her arms around his waist. She tipped her face back to look at him. “This was actually kind of fun, Matt. Thanks.”

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