Indecent Experiment

By: Megan Hart

Matt had never actually gone on a Spring Break trip, not to Cancun or any place else. He’d spent every Spring Break for the past eight years working his ass off on the loading dock at the same factory job he’d had since high school. He was going to grad school just so he didn’t have to work there the rest of his life. “I’d like to, but….”

“Dude. Don’t bail. We got a totally sweet deal on a condo. Eight hundred bucks each, including airfare, and the place is all-inclusive. You know what that means, right? All the food and booze you can eat and drink. And the babes, dude. The babes.”

Damian’s expression clearly showed what he thought of that. It was something akin to the look a religious man might have upon seeing the Virgin Mary in a piece of toast. His hands shaped a female figure in the air, out then in, then out again. A girl with tits and ass that curvaceous would be so top heavy she’d probably be unable to walk, Matt thought, though he totally got the appeal.

“Yeah, I know I said I wanted in, but that was before the holidays, and I thought I’d be picking up more hours.” In fact, Matt had spent most of the holiday break on his parents’ couch watching TV, the hours simply not to be had at the factory. Times were tough.

“Dude, we’re holding your place. Need your money by the end of the month, or we’ll have to give it to someone else. And trust me, man, you don’t want to miss this. Can I count on you?” Another clap on the shoulder, this time with a squeeze of fingers. Damian looked serious.

“Yeah.” Matt nodded, thinking of sand and sun and booze and babes. Of a great Spring Break blowout, the last possible one before he’d graduate and hit what he kept thinking of as “the real world” even though the one he’d been living in had seemed pretty fucking real. “Don’t worry, man. I’ll get it to you.”


“Melissa, it’s good to see you!” Ada beamed as Melissa came into the tiny classroom where the interviews were being conducted. “C’mon in. Randy’ll be here in a couple minutes. What can I get you to drink?”

“Is this part of the experiment?” Melissa asked with a grin.

Ada laughed. “Oh, gosh, no. Don’t worry, we’re not studying the effects of caffeine addiction on stress management or anything like that. Not this time, anyway.”

Melissa settled into the uncomfortable, hard-backed chair. “In that case, I’ll take a Coke on the pysch department’s dime.”

“No problem.” Ada looked up as her partner Randy came in. “Can you grab Melissa a soda?”

“Sure thing.” Randy nodded at her and returned a moment later with a can of store-brand cola. “Good to see you, Melissa, how’s it going?”

They got through the small talk quickly enough. Randy and Ada were stereotypical research nerds, albeit with slightly better social skills, but they weren’t really interested in chitchat. They were all business as they handed Melissa the paperwork she was accustomed to filling out to take part in the experiments. Health history, release forms, information on how she wanted to be paid. And then….

“Wow,” Melissa said, looking over the questionnaire. It was by far the most extensive they’d ever asked her to fill out, at least ten pages long compared to the more standard two or three. And by far the most…intimate.

“You didn’t know what you were signing up for?” Randy asked.

Melissa shrugged. “When I called to make the appointment, they didn’t tell me and I didn’t ask. I just figured I know you guys. And I need the money.”

Randy and Ada gave each other a look, and Ada shifted in her chair. She looked serious. “The reason we chose you as one of the participants, and believe me, Melissa, there were a lot more applications than we’re used to getting, was because we’ve worked with you before.”

Melissa nodded, glancing again at the information they were requesting. Number of sexual partners, frequency of sexual activity, current birth control methods, a more extensive health history including STD testing release forms. “Yeah, I figured that, but…this is….”

Randy cleared his throat. “This isn’t quite the same as the time we tested you on the porn stuff, though it is going toward our overall thesis materials. This time, Ada and I are interested in studying sexual attraction and reactions. Is the desire to have sex with someone based on something purely physical, mental, spiritual or a combination?”

Melissa didn’t really care what the purpose of the tests were. She just wanted the money. But looking over the information on the questionnaire, unease tiptoed through her. “You want to know what sort of man attracts me? All these physical characteristics, personality traits, stuff like that? My attitude toward casual sex?”

She paused. “Is there more to this experiment than this questionnaire?”

Ada nodded. “Well…yes.”

Melissa blinked. No wonder the pay rate was so much higher this time. “You want me to have sex with someone for this test?”

Randy smiled. “We’ve set up an increasingly intimate series of encounters in which we’d like you and the additional research participant to engage. You’ll be provided the space in which to engage in these activities, as well as the time frame, along with specific instructions on how to report on your experiences.”

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