3013: Allegiance

By: Laurie Roma


Dragon Warrior Amari Nazira has lived amongst the stars for centuries, traveling the universe and keeping watch over the known galaxies. She has lived her life for the greater good, but her true desire has always been far beyond her reach. Now, taking her destiny into her own hands, she must find the one male who can tame her wild heart.

After losing everything, Regent Roman Newgate dedicated his life to the Alliance. He thought duty was all he needed, but the moment he meets Amari, everything changes. She is like a flame, beautiful and deadly, yet the heat of one touch is all it takes to know she owns his heart. Their love may be fated, but they need to let go of their painful pasts before they can have a future together. However, time might not be on their side.

When a peaceful meeting of the races on the Delta Station is attacked, allegiances will be tested. Can Amari and Roman defeat the enemy before a war begins, or will everything the Alliance stands for be destroyed?


This book is dedicated to my wonderful readers...

Thanks for being so patient for this one.

And to the future creator of a better treatment for Graves’ disease.

You would have made my life a whole lot easier these past few months.


The world had changed in the year 3013.

Earth rebuilt their civilization after the Alien Wars ravaged the planet and an unknown virus nearly wiped out the entire population, but nothing could ever bring back what once was. A new age of mankind was born, but some of the edicts set forth for humans to survive have become obsolete in the ever-changing universe.

What fate has in store is uncertain, though, one constant is clear. In a cosmos filled with endless possibilities, love is the ultimate prize. Warriors from every species search the stars for love, and they will risk all to fight for those who hold their hearts. But danger is always present when worlds collide. As new challenges arise, all the known races must adapt and learn from their allies. However, not all desire peace, or to live in harmony.

And as a new year dawns, the battle for the future has only begun...


The nightmare always began the same way...with the screams.

Dragon Warrior Amari Nazira recognized the dream for what it was the moment the voices reached her, but full awareness took another moment to sharpen. When it did, she found herself lost in the past, immersed in a memory she wished long forgotten.

Scorching wind swirled around her like a twisted cloak of force. It slapped coarse sand against her face, causing a sting that annoyed more than injured. The heavy air made it difficult to breathe, and thick, oppressive humidity had a sheen of perpetration coating her skin before she could regulate her temperature.

Using magic, she created a shield around herself, halting the heat and stopping the wind before it could strike again. The barrier could have also been used to block out the terrible sounds of suffering in the distance, but she didn’t bother.

She deserved to hear it all.

Everything on the Ziturri planet glittered and glinted, and the waves of unrelenting heat covered the planet in a shimmering mist. Though night had fallen, twin blue suns reflected off a single moon, turning the otherwise dark rock into a vivid beacon of azure light.

Vast expanses of towering sand dunes gave way to clusters of trees, marking the otherwise barren landscape with signs of life. During past visits, Amari had explored those jungles, trekking through the foliage and swimming in the underground lagoons and rivers. She had climbed the highest of the dunes and discovered a love for the energy and light that emanated from the planet.

Currently, that energy was dark, tainted by the echoes of angry shouts, cries of pain, and the crackle of flames carried to her on the heavy breeze.

When she reached the top of the dune that blocked her view of the city, her stomach clenched with dread. She had seen the chaos and carnage from her vessel as she’d flown to the surface, but the reality of it all was far worse than she’d imagined.

The metropolis of Zazis was the heart of Ziturri, a center of culture and commerce that had thrived in peace...until now. There was an eerie red halo over the city, pulsing as if it were a living, breathing entity. Pyramids of varying sizes stood strong, impeccable feats of engineering and ingenuity, but other structures hadn’t fared as well.