More Than Friends(Eric & Clint Series Book 1)

By: Jerry Cole

(Eric & Clint Series Book 1)

The Complete First Story

M/M Straight to Gay First Time Romance


Eric watched Clint approach with a mixture of worry and annoyance. Clint didn’t look good, but that was probably his own damned fault. Eric was still kicking himself for getting involved with Clint and his ill-fated, semi-sweet romance. Honestly, Claire didn’t concern Eric at all, but Clint was a different story.

“Eric, what are you doing, man?”

“Taking responsibility for my actions,” Eric said innocently.

“Nobody believes that. They all know something is wrong with your story,” Clint said in a hushed tone.

“Can they prove it?”


“Then they don’t know anything. I made a bad decision, and I am willing to pay for it,” Eric said smugly. The guilt was eating Clint alive. Good. It served him right. Maybe seeing Eric behind bars would finally shake some sense into the man.

“They called your Dad. It didn’t happen on campus, so it’s not technically a school issue, but you’re still a student so…” Clint stopped talking and watched an ant make its way across the floor.

“Which means I’ll be out by morning, and both of our dads are going to be livid,” Eric rolled his eyes. He was pretty sure he could explain things to his dad, but Clint’s dad was another story.

“Is that the problem here? They arrested you, man. Look at your jaw. Your face is a mess.”

“I don’t regret it,” Eric said bravely. He held Clint’s sorrowful gaze with his own and squared his shoulders. “I would do the same thing again. It’s worth it. You are worth it. Even if I am the only one who sees it. I’m a good kid; I can afford to get into a little trouble here and there. So just go and smooth shit out with your dad.”

Clint felt like he was looking at his friend for the first time. He didn’t know who Eric Look was until this moment. Clint suddenly felt naked. Something in Eric’s gaze made him believe he could see right into Clint’s soul. Clint wasn’t sure who it was that Eric saw when he looked at him, but in that moment, Clint desperately wanted to be him. He wanted to be the kind of guy that was worth going to jail to protect. The fact that he wasn’t made the sight of Eric sitting in handcuffs that much more pathetic.

“Isn’t it a little late for reform school, dad?” Clint was having a hard time keeping his cool. Despite the fact that all the charges would be dropped, despite the fact that Clint was never implicated in the incident, regardless of how Clint may feel, Chase McClintock decided that Eric Look was leading his son to damnation.

“It’s not a reform school. It’s a summer program run by the ROTC. It will look good on your resume and help you get some much-needed perspective in your life, boy. A little discipline and PT would do you good,” Chase said, clapping his son on the shoulder. This wasn’t a discussion. It was an information session.

“Who did you have to screw to get me into something like that?”


Clint stared back at his father, refusing to withdraw the question. This whole situation was spiraling out of control. He just wanted to have fun. He just wanted to protect Claire. He just wanted not to be a useless shit who let a guy half his size take the blame for his beer-induced rage.

“Fine. I will go,” Clint conceded.

“Good, you will see. It will be good for you. Besides, Eric is a good kid, but I’m not too keen on you spending all of your free time with a guy like that,” Mr. McClintock said over his shoulder.

“A guy like what?”

“Oh, you know,” Clint watched his dad mince around the room for a few seconds and presented a limp wrist for effect.

“Gay? Eric isn’t gay.”

“If you say so. I’m just saying, Jason; I have seen the way he looks at you when he thinks nobody is watching. It’s not normal,” said Mr. McClintock.

Rage boiled in Clint’s veins. Being mistaken for gay wasn’t the worst insult in the world, but coming from Chase McClintock, it was. There was only one thing he hated more than Democrats, and that was gay people. Clint stood to his full height and approached his father.

“You want to run that by me again?”

“Why? Are you going to teach me a lesson for calling your little girlfriend a fag?” Chase didn’t see the punch coming, but he knew the moment when his jaw broke. Gone was the boy he had pushed, taunted, and jeered at, and in his place was a vengeful young man with the kind of killer instinct that won wars. Chase couldn’t let his son get away with hitting his old man, but pride bloomed inside his chest.

Chase and Jason squared up in the tiny dorm room, trading punishing blows for more than twenty minutes. It wasn’t the first time the two men had come to blows. It wasn’t even the first time Clint’s father had suggested that Eric was gay— but today was different. Today, Clint was going to stop that man’s voice from being the one in the back of his head, even if he had to kill him to do it.

Clint recognized the moment he gained the advantaged and pressed on the gas, landing blow after blow on the older man’s body. Chase McClintock backed up and slipped on a textbook on the floor. Clint didn’t relent, standing over the man who had bullied and humiliated him since childhood; he rained down bloody hell.