Out Of The Ashes (Into the Fire Book 2)

By: Kelly Hashway
Into the Fire Trilogy, Book 2

Chapter One


“Who are you?”

Her words hit me like knives to my heart.

“Cara, it’s me, Logan.”

This can’t happen. She can’t forget me. Not after all we’ve been through.

“You have to remember me. I love you. Please…try to remember.”

Her eyes narrow, and she shakes her head, like she’s fishing for memories that aren’t there. She backs away from me, taking what’s left of my pulverized heart with her.

Flashing lights flood the chem lab windows. Wonderful. The police and the fire department will be in here any minute. As if I’m not already in Hell, let’s make this situation worse.

“How am I going to explain this? You don’t remember anything.”


What? Who the hell is Garret? “No. My name is Logan.” My entire body shakes, unable to process how any of this is real. Cara’s a Phoenix, a mythical bird-human hybrid. No one is going to believe this.

“Garret Monroe.” Cara’s voice is scratchy and dry, but considering she just burned to ashes and rose out of them, that’s about right.

“The police officer?”

She nods. “He knows me. He knows what I am.”

Him she remembers? How the hell is that fair? Maybe that’s a good thing though. If he knows what she is, then he’ll believe me about Nick trying to hurt Cara with that knife and Cara bursting into flames. God, Cara died. This is all so insane.

Cara tries to stand and stumbles a little. I reach for her, taking her hands in mine. How can she not remember me? How can she not feel what I feel? Right from the start, we were attracted to each other. Things moved so fast. And now…

“I need to see Garret. He’ll know what to do.” She takes her hands from mine and walks toward the door, stepping over my burned leather jacket, the only thing I had left of Mom.

I bend to pick up what’s left of it, but stop. Do I want reminders of what I’ve lost? First Mom and now Cara. How am I supposed to deal with this? No, I can’t think about that now. I have to get out of this situation, get Cara to someone who can help her, and convince everyone I didn’t try to burn down the school.

“We don’t know if Garret is here. We should wait for the police and fire department to come into the school.”

“And tell them what?” She whips around and stares at me. I can’t help thinking of the look she had the first time we met, when she thought I was some perv gawking at her in her bikini. Yeah, I was gawking, but I’m not a perv. I’m the guy she’s in love with. Or at least she was in love with me.

“I don’t know. Maybe you should call Garret.”

She rubs her forehead. “I don’t remember his number.”

Officer Monroe bursts into the chem lab, his eyes immediately going to Cara. He looks her over from head to toe and nods. “I’ll handle it from here.” His gaze quickly falls to the floor where Nick’s knife is. Officer Monroe bends down, studying it like it’s radioactive. He doesn’t say a word for a minute, and then he snatches the phone on his belt and starts dialing. “This is Officer Monroe. I’m at the high school. There was an explosion in the chemistry lab, but I have everything under control. Nothing toxic, so there’s no need to send backup. I’ll get this cleaned up and write a full report.” He hangs up without even waiting for a reply.

He pockets the knife and points to me, his eyes burning into me with hatred. “Don’t move. Cara, come with me. We have to get the fire department out of here. Fast.”

Cara rushes to him, and I reach for her arm. “Cara, wait!”

Officer Monroe lunges at me, grabbing me by my shirt and slamming me against the cabinet on the wall. “Don’t touch her.” His hot breath smacks me in the face. “I’ll deal with you in a second, Hunter.”

“Hunter?” What is he talking about? I’ve never gone hunting in my life. I’m a frickin’ city boy.

He pushes Cara out the door. Instead of following her, he pauses and grips the edge of the door. He must be squeezing the hell out of it because his entire hand turns bright red. He meets my gaze long enough to say, “Just shut up and stay put.” He walks out of the room and closes the door behind him.

Like hell I’ll shut up and stay put. I reach for the hole where the doorknob used to be, but it’s scorching hot. “Damn!” I jerk my hand away and examine the blisters already forming on my palm.

What the hell?

I stare through the window in the door. Officer Monroe must be like Cara. It’s the only explanation for what he did to this door. I’m about to yell a slew of curses at him when I see the firemen.

“No need for hoses or anything like that,” Officer Monroe says. “I’ve already put out the fire. Cara here was working on a project she needed to make up for summer school. She waited until the last minute and got a little hasty with the Bunsen burner. It’s all taken care of.”

The firemen nod to Officer Monroe and leave. I stay quiet, listening while he talks to Cara.

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