Reckless (Bertoli Crime Family #2)

By: Lauren Landish

Duncan lifts his head from my breasts to look down at me, towering over me as he reaches for the waistband of his jeans. He unsnaps and pushes, and there it is... his perfect, steel-hard cock. I've never seen anything sexier or scarier in my life. I don't know if I could take it all, not with the power and danger wrapped up in the rest of his body.

“Don’t worry, you’ll enjoy it.”

I'm nodding, knowing that he’s telling the truth. Duncan's grin tells me that he knows my thoughts, and he guides himself inside me, my pussy spreading and wrapping around his cock until he's all the way inside me.

Holy shit. Even a single, deep stroke, and I'm nearly coming already, my hands clutching at my breasts and pinching my nipples, I can't help myself. He grins and slips a finger into my mouth, and I suck while he starts to thrust in and out, my mind obliterated with each movement of his cock inside me. I've never felt something like this before, complete and total pleasure, my body taken by this powerful man who knows exactly how to light every nerve in my body on fire.

I'm making noises, noises I never knew I could make, animal and thick as he slides in and out of me, his cock sending tremors up my spine each time. "Can you take it all?" he asks suddenly, and I look to see that he's still restraining himself, his fingers shaking he's keeping himself under such tight control.

I look into his beautiful gray eyes and nod, smiling. “Don’t hold back.”

The look in his eyes at my words lights a fire in my heart as much as his cock is lighting a fire in my pussy, and his hips speed up, driving his cock powerfully into me. The first shocking impact sends me into spasms, nearly convulsing as he hammers into me over and over, driving me insane with sensation. My God, it feels so good, and he's still going, those hips and legs giving him immense, overwhelming power that crushes me into the bed. He takes my other leg and pushes it up, pinning me as his cock slams over and over into me, his eyes boring deep into my soul.

"You can come now," Duncan whispers, and suddenly I'm there, as if I was waiting for his permission, riding the immense wave of my orgasm as Duncan shudders right along with me. I'm being bred like some sort of bitch, and I know that for Duncan, I'd be his bitch if he wanted it. Anything to feel this good. "You're mine."

"Yours..." I whisper, coming back to reality slowly as I realize I'm not in a bed, surrounded by white gauze curtains and tropical birds, and the whisper of the ocean breeze is actually the fan on my laptop. My hands are damp, and my room reeks of sex, not the heady sense of real sex, but just the lonely aroma of my masturbation.

Damn Duncan Hart. Damn that cocky bastard.