Burning Desires (Blue Bandits MC Book 4)

By: Michelle Woods

Chapter One

Kelsey Cane rolled her eyes for the fifth time tonight, her patience wearing thin. She tried not to glare at the idiot who was hitting on her after she’d already shot him down three times. His name was Kelvin or maybe it was Clive; Kelsey paused trying to remember before deciding it really didn’t matter what the hell his name was because there was no way in hell she would ever take him up on his offer.

Clive leaned forward, his breath reeking of whiskey as he breathed on her. His eyes were slightly unfocused and he swayed a little, catching himself with a hand on the wooden bar next to them. The movement stirred the air, sending a waft of his sweet-smelling cologne her way and Kelsey took a step back from the man, trying to hold her breath for a second to recover from the headache it was giving her.

Tally, the bartender, raised his brow at her in question, asking if she wanted him to intervene. Kelsey shook her head slightly, letting out the breath she had been holding because she was beginning to get lightheaded. She inhaled and let out a slight cough when the heavy smell assaulted her again.

Ugg––why did some men think they could mask their body odor with cologne? It didn’t make the BO go away, it only added another scent to the mix. She felt her stomach turn and she tried not to inhale too deeply lest she vomit at his feet from the stench.

Kelsey, at twenty-four, was the youngest of the three Cane sisters who owned Tricky Bitches. Being the youngest sucked, mostly because they treated her like she was still fifteen. Kelsey was frankly sick of everyone treating her like she was still a gangly teen when she wasn’t. It was why she didn’t want to enlist Tally’s help to get rid of the man in front of her, because if she did her sisters would insist that she stay home rather than help with the bar.

Kelsey wasn’t going to let that happen. She’d fought too hard over the past six months to show her two older sisters that she wasn’t a child anymore and they could stop protecting her from everything. It was great that they loved her so much but it had become annoying when she was sixteen and it wasn’t any better now that she was twenty-four.

She knew that it all stemmed from her being very ill when she was twelve. Most illnesses now were quickly fixed with a shot or a pill but hers had been a rare heart condition that no one in the four different clinics her parents took her to could figure out. Kelsey knew that if they hadn’t taken her to the city to the hospital there for testing, she would have died from the heart malformation. Thankfully they had and her heart issue was corrected once her parents were able to afford the costly medical procedure.

It had taken them five months to gather the credits for the simple procedure and during that time she’d been bedridden. Her twin sisters, Greta and Hanna, were eighteen at the time and had helped pay for the operation by working themselves half to death. Kelsey had been unable to do anything to help because they were scared anything physical would make her heart decide to give out.

For a twelve-year-old, it had been a long and very boring five months. After the operation, going from the sickly member of the family to a more normal part of it had not happened the way she’d wanted it to. Her sisters had never lost their overly protective streak when it came to her.

Their parents had died in a shoot out three years later when Kelsey was fifteen, leaving her care to her then twenty-one year old sisters. Their parents’ untimely death had made her sisters’ need to protect her go into overdrive. At first it hadn’t bothered her but as she got older, it had become an issue that caused quite a few rows between them.

Kelsey sighed, rolling her shoulders to relieve the tension that had settled there, thinking back to three years ago when her sisters had opened Tricky Bitches. Greta had a brilliant idea to broker a deal with the Blue Bandits’ vice president for protection of the bar. Kelsey was proud to say that it had worked out well for both them and the Blue Bandits.

Kelsey shifted from one foot to the other as she thought about the fight she’d had with Greta and Hanna last week before she began working here. It hadn’t been pleasant. She could still remember yelling at them that she wasn’t sick and she was just as tough as they were.

Hell, likely tougher. She’d had to be otherwise they would have smothered her spunky nature by now.

Kelvin, or Clive, or whatever the hell his name was, leaned closer to her, forcing her mind back to the present. Kelsey almost choked on the smells that floated over her mixing with the smells of the smoky bar. Almost gagging, Kelsey felt her eyes beginning to water and took another step back from the man, trying to get far enough away that she wasn’t bombarded by his awful smell.

“Beeeauty.” He drew out the word, a lopsided grin on his face, revealing stained yellow teeth. “You and me should go somewhere private and get better acquainted.”

Ha, that so wasn’t happening in this lifetime, bud, she mentally informed him, wishing she could say it out loud but knowing she’d better not.

“I’m working and you need to go sleep off the drinks, Clive,” Kelsey told him, not wanting to draw this out anymore. She’d already tried the nice brush-off three times, it was now time to be a bit blunt.

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